Russian Device Vibro Acoustic Vitafon Boxed with Manual Book Therapy 220v A



  • Condition: Working condition. Please note that the device operates on a 220 volt network. There is a cosmetic wear. For more objective information, please ask questions. General condition please see the photos. I tried to show everything as much as possible. If necessary, I will make additional photos.
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Hello dear customers. I present to you: Russian Device Vibro Acoustic Vitafon Boxed with Manual Book Therapy 220v A.
Please note that the device operates on a 220 volt network.
Vibroacoustic medical device Vitafon
Apparatus for vibrophoning with two vibrophones. In the area of ​​exposure to vibrophones, blood supply, lymphatic drainage, metabolic, immune and regenerative processes are improved. Each vibraphone covers an area within a radius of 7-10cm. The device “Vitafon” is a popular physiotherapeutic device with unique healing properties, equipped with amplification of microvibration of tissues using a sound wave of a certain frequency.
Features of the vibroacoustic medical device Vitafon
The vibroacoustic device “Vitafon” is intended for the treatment of various diseases of an inflammatory and traumatic nature. Has a wide range of indications.
High efficiency of treatment is achieved by a multiple increase in capillary blood flow and lymph flow in the area of ​​exposure. The device creates microvibration of tissues by means of a contact method by means of a continuously changing sound frequency. The frequency change within the specified limits and the transition from one range to another occurs automatically according to the program. The frequency of the I band is continuously variable from 20 Hz to 4.5 kHz and is optimized to maximize the effect of a hydrodynamic pump in the veins. The frequency of the II range is continuously changing from 200 Hz to 18 kHz and is aimed at increasing the effect of reducing the hydrodynamic resistance in capillaries.
The device is intended for use in health care and sanatorium institutions, as well as at home.
Indications for the use of the vibroacoustic device Vitafon:
Prostate adenoma;
rheumatoid arthritis;
AAS (alcohol withdrawal syndrome);
bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchi);
otitis media (otitis media);
restoration and development of voice;
dislocation of the joints;
hypertension and renal failure;
glaucoma, cerebral palsy (consequences);
flaccid paralysis;
cosmetic purposes;
serous mastitis;
sensorineural hearing loss;
frostbite and hypothermia;
stomatitis and periodontal disease;
bone fractures;
prevention of colds;
postoperative sutures;
rhinitis (runny nose);
serous mastitis;
scoliosis (consequences);
relieving fatigue;
tonsillitis (tonsillitis);
spinal injury;
trophic ulcers;
lactostasis phenomena.
Technical characteristics of the vibroacoustic medical device Vitafon
Supply voltage:
220 ± 22V
Power supply frequency: 50 Hz
Power consumption, no more: 8 VA
Time of continuous operation of the device, not less: 8 h
Average service life of the device, not less: 5 years
Weight of the device, net, no more: 0.5 kg
Overall dimensions, no more: 120 * 90 * 60 mm
Lower frequency of 1 sub-band, within: 20-60 Hz
Upper frequency of 1 sub-band, within: 1200-4500 Hz
Low frequency 2 sub-bands, within: 200-1000 Hz
Upper frequency 2 sub-bands, within: 9000-18000 Hz
Duration of one cycle of microvibration frequency change: within 80-160 s
Pulse modulation period: within 0.5-1.2 s
Amplitude of microvibration at the lowest frequency in modes 1 and 3: 2.8 – 5.4 microns
Amplitude of microvibration at the lowest frequency in modes 2 and 4:
Please see the photos and ask questions if necessary.
More precise and informative data, see the photos. If necessary, I will make additional photos.
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